[Press Release] 200% Growth On The Cards For Of2Oxford Member

Members of the Of2Oxford business network this week celebrated the success of one of their members, Brendan Cull.

In just four weeks, Brendan’s business, OBM (Oxford Business Management), has landed contacts worth, potentially over time, some £0.5M – a record growth of over 200%.

Formed in 2008, OBM helps its clients regain control of their ongoing (non-personnel) costs, such as utilities, communications, and other expenditures.  As Brendan explained:

“Buying services is a specialist activity. Apart from the technical differences between suppliers and their products, there are often many different types of contract to choose from, with all kinds of hidden charges.  Discounts offered at the outset may lapse after 12 months and pricing structures or tariffs may change.  Most organisations are too busy dealing with the truly important aspects, such as sales, products, people and processes, which means that they rarely have time to look at the ‘small’ or ‘hidden’ costs. This is where OBM steps in and dedicates the time and expertise to help. Organisations start off with these important costs under control, but their procurement team moves on to the direct costs of manufacture, while the finance people often lack the expertise in this type of negotiation.”

OBM takes responsibility for reviewing these costs and proposing savings.  There are no upfront or ongoing fees: OBM gets paid on a % of these auditable savings, but only when savings have been identified and implemented .

“It’s a straightforward win-win, with our clients guaranteed to make a saving if one can be achieved.  At every stage the client is in control as they always have the say so for any decision. In addition it isn’t unusual for us to discover horror stories that have been draining their finances for many years.”’

It hasn’t always been plain sailing though for OBM, as Brendan is the first to admit, and that’s why he is so positive about the support he has received from the Of2Oxford business network.  As a small business, there are too many aspects to master, and problems are frequently difficult to get your head around.  Of2Oxford is a unique partnership of small business owners who meet once a month to focus on the needs of a selection of their members in just the same way a board of non-executive directors might.

“Being in business can be a lonely place, so part of the appeal of membership is having a group of peers who understand me and my business goals in the long term.  Whether it’s a strategic issue, such as deciding which market to target and how to do so – or something very tactical, such as deciding on the structure of a website, the monthly board can be used to devote quality thinking in a short, focused burst. In addition I get to understand other members’ issues which means I can help them as they have helped me.” explained Brendan.

If your business could benefit from a review of its various contracts and costs, contact OBM on 01865 751908

For more information about Of2Oxford, contact Dr Graham Wilson on 07785 222380 or visit their website (www.of2oxford.com).

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