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Having met regularly for six months, a group of four of us had evolved a way of working which we felt was ready to take to the next stage, and so we invited a wide range of contacts from a variety of backgrounds to attend an exploratory meeting on April 14th, 2011.

Various questions were addressed and a number of further members decided to join us. In the course of the evening, approaches to dealing with expanded numbers were also explored and it became obvious that there was an interest in helping this model grow and evolve.

Our first, expanded, formal meeting took place on May 19th at the Victoria Arms, Old Marston. Since then we have met every third Thursday of the month.


The meetings begin with informal exchanges as members arrive from 2pm until 2:30pm. Once assembled, we have a more formal catch-up – an opportunity for people to let us all know what has happened in the last month – especially if there was a burning issue addressed at the previous meeting that they have been working on.

Members then indicate whether they have a topic that they would like to explore in this meeting. Priority goes to those themes already posted by members via the Of2Oxford forum prior to the meeting.

In the event of there being too many topics, there is a short discussion to agree which the members present feel they can give most help with. If a large number of members are present then it is possible that we may split into two groups allowing double the number of topics to be addressed.

Roughly 50 minutes are allocated per issue. This is divided thus:
(5 mins) Brief EXPLANATION by the member of their topic.
(20 mins) QUESTIONS by the other members to aid in the definition of it.
(2 mins) RESTATEMENT of the issue by the member.
(20 mins) INPUT from the members during which the owner of the topic remains in ‘listening mode’!
(3 mins) Brief RESPONSE by the topic owner.

Interested in joining us?

There are still opportunities to join us – if you would like to do so, drop us a line and we’ll get in touch.

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