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Now that you’ve been to one of our meetings, and like the idea, thank you for deciding to join us.

The fee is £25 per month, which includes all meeting expenses and the monthly supper. Drinks from the bar may be extra but usually are included.

If you are unable to attend the meeting in a particular month then that month’s subscription is forfeited.

We see attendance at the meetings as part of our ongoing commitment to our own business development and schedule this into our diaries accordingly. Obviously, occasional clashes arise, but generally we expect members to attend every month. If one fails to do so for three consecutive months, then we will probably ask them to withdraw until they are able to make a renewed commitment.

To ‘sign up’ simply email Graham and he will send you the details of our bank account for you to set up a standing order for £25. He will also send you an invitation to join our Of2Oxford forum – a closed forum for exchanges between monthly meetings.

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