The commitment…

We are concerned that, especially in today’s financially challenged times, the leaders of organisations cannot afford large sums of money for, what some people see as, ‘discretionary’ items.

Even though the value of these meetings can be extremely high, it is hard to justify a substantial speculative outlay. We believe that there’s no need for such a meeting to cost a lot and so we are committed to keeping the costs to a minimum.

It takes time for someone to get to know another, for them to understand how best to help them, and to be able to offer that help in a sensitive and useful manner. It also takes time for the recipient to feel that they can trust the person offering the advice or guidance. We therefore feel it is important for people to commit to attending as regularly as possible and for a minimum term.

We are asking members to commit to attending each month, initially for six months, and to paying a fixed amount each month. After a recent review, this has dropped to £25 per month which includes the supper in the second half of the meeting.

We are determined to see our own enterprises grow and blossom and we see this approach as a simple way of helping them. Why not let us do the same for you?

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